Triple E Therapy

Emineo, Extollo, Eximo

Creating a collaborative relationship to stand out, rise up, and be free

What is Triple E Therapy?

Triple E Therapy's core philosophy is to;

Emineo - Stand out and step away from our negative thinking.

Extollo - Rise up to become our best and most authentic selves.

Eximo - Be Free from preconceived notions that we have gathered from our past and to find that the only person who can define you is YOU. 

My approach is client centered that is rooted in psychotherapy, MI, and CBT. I also employ elements of mindfulness to assist in increasing self-awareness and improving coping mechanisms.

I enjoy working with individuals who need an ear to feel heard, bounce ideas off of, or seek assistance in their mental health journey. I am friendly/aware, in LGBTQ+, ethical nonmonogamy, BDSM, and kink. I have served and serve our military as well as having a deep respect for all veterans.